Our Commitments

The manufacture of aquarium gathers several know-how. Today, we are specialized in the design of aquaterrariums, the production of prestigious tanks or series of aquarium tanks, and we are also manufacturers of furniture for marine biology laboratories.

Design of aquariums

The creation of a custom aquarium, is not a small undertaking, it is necessary to integrate many parameters in order to an aquarium adapted, sustainable and easier to maintain. Our design office works in close collaboration with our workshop, and it is thanks to the sum of all our experiences, that we can guarantee you a great expertise in aquarium design. From the simple rectangular aquarium to thecustom aquarium, we will find the best technical solutions to guarantee ease of use, durability and the greatest satisfaction of your visitors.

Aquarium manufacturing

No two projects are the same, we are used to adapting and working on different specific aquarium projects.

The choice of materials and technical solutions will be key in the realization of the aquarium. This is what will condition the quality of life and the simplicity of theemaintenance of your aquarium.

Our team of specialists will be able to propose and create the ideal aquarium according to your specifications.

Each aquarium is unique, so let's talk about it.

Installation of aquariums

Theinstallation of an aquarium is a sensitive moment, it requires great attention and adapted technical means.

That is why we work with transport specialists who are experienced in this field. We also accompany the entire entire life cycle of your aquarium..

We deliver a turnkey aquarium, ready for use.

Your aquarium installed in all serenity.

Training for aquarium maintenance

Once your aquarium has been set up, it must be kept alive and maintained.

The maintenance of an aquarium is very important, because if you want the species you are going to support to flourish, you must respect rules and have good maintenance habits.

This is why we accompany you in this step, to bring you the best gestures and the good practices to make your aquarium a balanced and sustainable place to live.

Follow-up and support in the management of your aquarium

We are committed to always being at your side to help you and answer your technical, functional, andmaintenance questions about your aquarium..

How to preserve it, keep it in good condition, its cleaning, its technical maintenance, the change of parts, etc ...

These are the many questions we answer to ensure the good management of your aquarium on a daily basis..

Tips on managing an aquarium ecosystem

An aquarium is a space in which living organisms live, it is a fragile ecosystem that requires great attention and respect for scrupulous rules. We accompany you, before, during and after its installation, to help you to manage your aquarium and the species it shelters.