Our history

With our expertise acquired during 20 years within Coutant aquariums, major actor of this industry, leader for more than 50 years, we are the new designers and manufacturers of systems dedicated to the presentation of marine biotopes: the aquariums.

We are at your disposal to elaborate together, standard or customized solutions adapted to your needs.

Let us design your aquarium project

Our strength is undoubtedly our experience, we have worked on many aquarium design and manufacturing projects more or less large and complicated.

This is what allows us today to guarantee you a global support in the realization of your aquarium, from its conception to its installation..

So don't hesitate to ask us about your aquarium project !

We act for the preservation of marine species

Aware that the marine resource is fragile, we have always been committed to the preservation of species and adhere to various nature protection programs.

We only work with partners who have the same vision of respect for the environment and the resource as we do.

We are constantly committed to finding the best technical and environmental solutions to come as close as possible to natural conditions, in order to improve the quality of life of the residents of our aquariums.

We put all our expertise at the service of animal welfare.