AquaStory, the next generation of Coutant Aquariums

Your new public aquarium designer

After 50 years of expertise in the creation of public aquariums, the Coutant Aquariums will close their doors in 2019. Passionate and eager to take up the torch, a group of employees founded a new company: AquaStory was born. The team is composed of 8 people, all specialised in manufacture of aquariums for over 20 years. Over the years, they have acquired remarkable know-how and national and international recognition.

Aquarium for fish, sharks aquarium or even aquarium for jellyfish, they know all about it ! It is in their design office that your aquarium is designed, a sustainable aquarium and adapted to your needs. From the aquarium design to his maintenance, they will be able to guide and advise you thanks to their professionalism. The company, supported by a serious and competent team, has maintained its international reputation.

With a number of projects around the world, AquaStory has become one of the most successful European leaders in the manufacture of large aquariums..

Unique and high quality aquariums

Aquariums, a magical world

AquaStory offers innovative solutions in the fabrication d’aquariums publics. Making people dream, young and old, is a priority and a major objective.

Specialising in manufacture of aquaterrariums realistic, the company promises a total immersion of visitors in this magical universe..

Among his other achievements : the prestige pools. These giant aquariums offer a grandiose water show, this will amaze the audience.

Selecting the right aquarium decor, the right colors, the lights the most adapted ... Each of these choices is meticulous but the AquaStory team is there to advise you !

Their role is also to create series of aquariums. The scenography of the aquariums must be carefully thought out in order to offer visitors a journey of discovery and surprising visual experiences.

Full support in the creation of your aquarium

AquaStory's strong point ? Its global support in the making your own aquarium ! Aware of the importance of such a project, the team is doing its utmost to designing the ideal aquarium and ensure optimal follow-up !

Rectangular Aquarium, standard aquarium or custom aquarium, whatever your choice, they are all committed to advising you in the creation, management and maintenance of your aquarium. AquaStory also works with various transport specialists to ensure that you get the best possiblesetting up your aquarium in complete peace of mind.

Experts in their field and attentive to your expectations, they combine their skills on a daily basis to best meet your needs.

A company committed to the preservation of species

Specialist in large capacity aquariums, AquaStory is also manufacturer of marine biology laboratory furniture. This extra dimension is a real asset for differentiation.

The company's partners share the same values of respect for the environment and thus make it possible to create aquariums best suited to the life of marine animals.

In line with its commitment, AquaStory also adheres to various nature protection programmes. Very involved in this mission, the company wishes to develop its offer while keeping this condition of respect for species and natural resources.

Becoming the best manufacturer of public aquariums : a considerable challenge

AquaStory is always aiming higher! After several years of work and experience, as well as numerous achievements, the company now wishes to extend its prestigious reputation worldwide. Already accustomed to orders from abroad, its objective is to maintain its know-how and use all its skills to make this nascent company the best public aquarium manufacturer.

With its outstanding professionalism and expertise, AquaStory has been able to diversify its offer by participating in numerous international projects.

This new mission represents a considerable challenge for this aquarium designer, this is a challenging and suspenseful event.

Unique sustainable aquariumsand of good quality : these are the watchwords for AquaStory !

There is no doubt that this new company will succeed in becoming the best in its class !