Open top aquariums Designer and Manufacturer

The creation of ever more realistic aquatic courses close to the public gives us the opportunity to install a magic in the minds of visitors.

The manufacture of aquaterrarium is an extraordinary way to create stronger interactions between the aquatic nature and the public.

Our job as aquaterrarium manufacturers, leads us to constantly imagine new settings to be ever closer to the visitors and give them the feeling of being in the heart of the tanks, being able to touch the fish, thus living this experience fully.


Designer and Manufacturer of Prestige tanks

To make dream big, what a beautiful job, to make the aquatic world a show for the young and the old, it is our daily business.

The manufacture of prestige ponds, consists in dramatizing water and the infinite species of fish, in ballets of colors and lights, to offer to the spectators a journey out of time and space.

This image of the little girl dancing with the fish in front of one of our realizations, is the best illustration.

Designer, manufacturer and scenographer of aquariums

The most important thing in an aquarium tour, is the scenography of the aquariums, ou comment faire voyager les visiteurs au fil d’un circuit très réfléchi, mais qui doit sembler parfaitement naturel.

In the conception of a series of aquariums, is the staging of the aquariums that does everything, we must make the visitor enter another space-time, a universe that transports him from one show to another, from one experience to another, only to make him discover at the end that all this time, he was underwater !

Manufacturer of marine biology laboratory furniture

We do everything possible to advance scientific research.

We adapt our marine biology furniture to the defined needs by scrupulously respecting the specifications.

We know that the slightest deviation can alter the results of research.

Several universities already trust us ...