Captain and partner

26 years of experience ... fully assumed !

Putting complex projects to music is his daily routine.


Lookout, purser, helmswoman ...

... she is everywhere ! but she is especially at your entire disposal.


The Crew Master

20 years of working all over the world... he has seen it all, done it all, endured it all.

Nothing can surprise him anymore.


Acrylic glazing and silicone seals have no secrets for him.

His patience is legendary, even if it grumbles from time to time.


Partner and captain

The successful alliance between Passion and Technique ... that's him !

The most constraining configurations always find a rational solution with him.


A permanent smile, combined with competence and ingenuity ...

enough to make a design office sympathetic.


The master carpenter

The virtuoso of the saw and the router.

Everything he touches becomes waterproof.


Multi-skilled in the flesh, he is at ease in all positions.

Available, fast ...

the experience that it is !